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My Bloody Banjo [Blu-ray]

My Bloody Banjo [Blu-ray]

Directed by Liam Regan · 2015

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In this twisted tale of revenge, infidelity and snapped banjo strings, eccentric office worker PELTZER ARBUCKLE is trapped in his own nightmarish reality: inadequate in the bedroom, stuck in the friend zone and tormented daily by his violent boss.

Fate soon takes a hand when Peltzer snaps his frenulum aka "the banjo string" and conjures his childhood imaginary friend RONNIE to help put a gory-end to his childish tormentors. 

Banned from Walmart! Lambasted by Amazon Prime & Censored on iTunes! MY BLOODY BANJO (formally known as BANJOfinally finds its way to home video after being stuck in distribution hell since 2016!

[Chapter 1 in the epic My Bloody Banjo saga]

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