Frequently Asked Questions

Are your Blu-ray discs region-free?

Yes, our Refuse Films Blu-ray releases are region-free, ensuring they can be played worldwide without any restrictions, providing a segregation-free viewing experience, regardless of location! We don’t believe in gatekeeping transgressive art from the people. 

Do you offer international shipping?

We ship our products worldwide, ensuring that our customers from around the globe can enjoy our exclusive brand of repugnant, underground filmmaking.

Is international tracking available for my parcel?

We provide international tracking for each parcel, allowing you to monitor the shipping progress and estimated delivery date in real time (we’ll even slap on a Refuse Films smiley face sticker so you know it’s from us!)

How does the pre-order process work for your Blu-ray releases?

Blu-ray releases have a two-month pre-order window before shipping to ensure quality control and due diligence for every Refuse Films release.

Are your Blu-ray discs factory-pressed?

Yes, unless otherwise mentioned, all of our releases are factory-pressed.

How are your Blu-rays shipped?

We exclusively use sturdy cardboard packaging paired with protective bubble wrap to ensure your order arrives in perfect condition, and we’ll even slap a Refuse Films smiley face sticker on the box for good shipping karma!

Do your limited edition Blu-ray releases come with a slipcover?

All first pressings of our Blu-ray releases include a slipcover with exclusive art commissioned by Refuse Films or archival poster art (theatrical or straight to video) that best represents the title. Each slipcover is individually numbered by Refuse Films label president Liam Regan. 

Do you accept wholesale orders?

We gladly accept wholesale orders. For more details on wholesale opportunities, please contact us at, and our team will provide you with the necessary information and assistance.

Do you provide promotional Blu-ray discs for reviewers?

We welcome online or printed publications with integrity, history, or a significant following to our reviewer list. For review copies, contact us at with your publication details. Please note promotional Blu-ray discs are for review purposes only.