Eating Miss Campbell

What is more poetic and American than a high school massacre?


Eating Miss Campbell follows a vegan-goth high school student who falls into a taboo relationship with her new English teacher and soon develops a problematic taste for human flesh. 

Featuring a cast of genre favorites including LAURENCE R. HARVEY (The Human Centipede 3: Final Sequence), LYNDSEY CRAINE (Book of Monsters), VITO TRIGO (My Bloody Banjo), JUSTIN A. MARTELL (Shudder’s The Last Drive-In) and LLOYD KAUFMAN (The Toxic Avenger) with an original score composed by Academy Award®-winner JOE RENZETTI (Child’s Play, Poltergeist III and Frankenhooker).

Heavily Influenced by the work of producer Lloyd Kaufman, filmmaker Liam Regan has lovingly crafted a Troma film for the 21st century, where teenage crushes and cannibalism collide in a gut-busting and gore-soaked, comedy horror film that pushes just about every boundary socially constructed.

2022 • 84 minutes

Production Notes

Filming Dates:
January 9th, 2020 to September 2nd, 2021

Filming Locations:
Barnsley, South Yorkshire, UK
Leeds, West Yorkshire, UK
Rotherham, South Yorkshire, UK
Sheffield, South Yorkshire, UK

World Premiere:
August 22nd, 2022, at FrightFest, The Prince Charles Cinema in Leicester Sq, London, UK

Behind The Scenes

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Lyndsey Craine
Beth Conner
Lala Barlow
Miss Campbell
Vito Trigo
Mr. Sawyer
James Hammer-Morton
Mark Conner
Charlie Bond
Frankie Sullivan
Emily Haigh
Michaela Longden
Melissa Lee-Ray
Sierra Summers
Alexander J. Skinner
Ethan Rembrandt
Justin A. Martell
Tusk Everbone
Annabella Rich
Nancy Applegate
Dani Thompson
Deetz Montgomery
Laurence R. Harvey
Clyde Toulon
Blade Braxton
Midnight Rose
Lloyd Kaufman
Dr. Samuel Weil


Lloyd Kaufman and Michael Herz Present A Troma Team Release in association with Refuse Films and DDR Films
Liam Regan
Lloyd Kaufman & Liam Regan
Executive Producer
Danny Naylor
Jack Hayes
Hamish Saks
Joe Renzetti
Danny Naylor
Production Design
Garreth Gibson & Catherine Stepien
Art Direction
Mila K

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