Refuse Films & Troma Sign Deal

We here at Refuse Films are thrilled to announce a groundbreaking partnership with Troma Entertainment, bringing three classic Troma Team films to Blu-ray in 2024. Refuse Films’ Liam Regan, fueled by his deep love and respect for Troma's 50 years of truly independent cinema, signed the agreement spearheaded by the co-founder of Troma Entertainment, Michael Herz and Troma Team Video.

Liam's journey in the world of movies began with Troma Entertainment, where he contributed to the sets of "Return to Nuke 'Em High" in 2012 and "#ShakespearesShitstorm" in 2018. Currently, Liam's latest project, "Eating Miss Campbell", is a collaborative effort between Troma Entertainment and Refuse Films, co-produced by Liam Regan and Lloyd Kaufman, the visionary creator of "The Toxic Avenger" and President of Troma Entertainment.

Foreseeing great things for Liam Regan, Lloyd Kaufman envisions him as the next James Gunn emerging from Troma Entertainment. Drawing parallels to Gunn's early career with Troma, Kaufman emphasizes Regan's emphasis on storytelling and pre-production skills acquired during their time at Troma.

This new licensing agreement marks a significant milestone in the ongoing partnership between Refuse Films and Troma Entertainment.

While we're keeping the specific film titles under wraps for now, we assure you that the selection will highlight Troma's impressive 50-year history of independent cinema and a deep dive into unarchiving never-before-seen footage and presenting these uncovered gems for the first time on physical media.
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