Gardena, California Screening

"Eating Miss Campbell" returned to North America with a screening at the prestigious Gardena Cinema, an 800-seat, single-screen movie theatre built in the 1940s located on Crenshaw Boulevard, Gardena, California, in the US.

The evening was a double bill of both “Eating Miss Campbell” and “#ShakespearesShitstorm”; both movie’s directors, Liam Regan and Lloyd Kaufman were in attendance for this special presentation, with a memorable introduction and a Tromatic Q&A to close the evening.

Many filmmakers and producers attended the screening, including Trent Haaga (“68 Kill” and “Cheap Thrills”), Jason McHugh (“Cannibal! The Musical” and “Orgazmo”) and Tyler McIntyre (“Tragedy Girls” and “It’s A Wonderful Knife”), along with Troma celebrities The Toxic Avenger and Count Smokula closing out the evening with song and dance.

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