EMC Blu-ray Delay

We here at Refuse Films sincerely appreciate your patience and understanding regarding the slight delay in releasing the "Eating Miss Campbell" Blu-ray.

Our manufacturers have confirmed that the Blu-rays will be shipped from the factory on January 26th, with anticipated arrival at Refuse Films HQ in early February.

Director Liam Regan will then oversee the final touches, individually numbering and signing each slipcover, before we prep and dispatch the Blu-rays to our customers.

Please see the following special features announced for the “Eating Miss Campbell” limited edition Blu-ray:
  • 7 Days of Hell: Making of Documentary
  • Audio Commentary Deleted Scenes
  • Outtakes
  • Gore Reel
  • Raw B-Roll
  • Cast Interviews
  • FrightFest Premiere Introduction
  • 1 Hour of Raw BTS Footage
  • VFX Reel
  • Introduction from Lloyd Kaufman
  • Troma Trailers
  • Radiation March
  • Easter Eggs
Thank you again for your patience and understanding; we promise the "Eating Miss Campbell" Blu-ray will be well worth the wait!

You can still pre-order “Eating Miss Campbell” Blu-ray exclusively from our online store.
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