BBFC Classification

Here at Refuse Films, we're excited to share that our film "Eating Miss Campbell" has proudly secured an 18 certificate from the discerning British Board of Film Classification (BBFC). The certification is a testament to the film's unapologetic exploration of strong bloody violence, injury detail, and sexualised violence. This combination has placed it in the distinguished company of other groundbreaking and controversial genre films.

The BBFC, known for its meticulous scrutiny of genre films, has occasionally labelled such works as "video nasties." This classification aligns seamlessly with our track record, as our previous film, "My Bloody Banjo," earned an 18 certificate. We see this recognition as a testament to Refuse Films’ commitment to pushing boundaries with its approach to subversive, transgressive and repugnant cinema.

Premiering at the FrightFest film festival in Leicester Square in August 2022, "Eating Miss Campbell" has graced film festivals worldwide and clinched numerous accolades, including GenreBlast's Best Feature award.
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